SURGE Therapeutics Receives FDA Clearance of IND Application to Initiate Phase 1/2a Study of Intraoperative Immunotherapy in Bladder Cancer

SURGE Therapeutics (SURGE) announced today that the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has accepted its Investigational New Drug (IND) application to proceed with a Phase 1/2a study of its intraoperative immunotherapy, SURGERx with resiquimod (STM-416), for prevention of recurrence and/or progression after transurethral resection of bladder tumor (TURBT) in patients with non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC) who were previously diagnosed with high-grade disease and experience recurrence.

SURGE Therapeutics Raises $26M Series A Financing to Accelerate Development of Intraoperative Immunotherapy to Improve Survival Outcomes Post-Surgery

Funding will be used to accelerate development of the SURGE™ intraoperative immunotherapy approach, expand the team, and initiate clinical trials for its first two programs.

Surge raises $26M to take anti-cancer extended-release hydrogel into the clinic

Surge Therapeutics has raised money to take its extended-release biodegradable hydrogel into the clinic, reeling in $26 million to test its belief that implanting the scaffolds after surgery will improve outcomes in solid tumor patients.

Backed by Bob Langer, former Harvard prof sets out to test a new way to deliver I/O drugs — during surgery

Every year, millions of cancer patients undergo surgery to get their tumors removed. But while resection can stave off cancer for some time, as many as 40% of patients would eventually see their cancer return — and succumb to the disease.

Biotech Startup Surge Therapeutics Gathers $26 Million for Cancer Treatment

Company seeks to improve surgical treatment of cancer through immunotherapy

Bob Langer, Cancer Research Institute Back Intraoperative Immunotherapy Pioneer

Post-surgical recurrence and metastasis account for 90 percent of cancer-related deaths, something Dr. Michael Goldberg, founder and CEO of newly debuted SURGE Therapeutics, knows all too well.

Immunotherapy hydrogel developer surges ahead with $26M series A

Surge Therapeutics Inc. landed $26 million in funding through a series A fundraising round to accelerate development of its intraoperative immunotherapy hydrogel.

Surge launches to enhance cure rates for cancer surgery

Cancers are like garden weeds. Even after the surgical removal of a tumor, cancer-cell stragglers can grow back and overrun the body. Surgery is the most common intervention for tumors, but it’s by no means a cure—about 40% of the 9 million people around the world who undergo the procedure every year experience a cancer comeback within 5 years.

Dana-Farber scientist's new startup aims for cancer drugs to be used during surgery

A scientist who trained under renowned chemical engineer Bob Langer and Nobel Prize-winning Biogen Inc. co-founder Phillip Sharp has ideas about how to transform cancer treatment.

Harvard spinout Surge emerges with $26M to make immunotherapy part of cancer surgery

Surge Therapeutics' hydrogel is engineered to deliver a cancer immunotherapy. Rather than replace surgery, CEO Michael Goldberg says the hydrogel could supplement this standard of care for solid tumors. The startup's Series A financing will support the technology's first test in humans.