Focused. Immunotherapy. Delivered. Focused.
SURGE (The Intraoperative Immunotherapy Company™) seeks to change the standard of care for cancer patients by transforming how, when, and where cancer immunotherapy is deployed in order to dramatically improve survival outcomes.

Our vision

SURGE works relentlessly to create a world where all cancer patients undergoing surgical tumor resection can receive intraoperative immunotherapy to prevent post-surgical recurrence and metastasis.

Our journey toward a new standard of care

Surgery is the standard of care for most patients with solid tumors, but more than 40% of patients suffer a relapse within five years. It was recently discovered that surgery-induced inflammation can suppress the immune system and reawaken residual disease. Built on groundbreaking research at Harvard Medical School, SURGE has developed an optimized biodegradable hydrogel that can be injected into the site of surgical tumor resection to extend the release of cancer immunotherapy locally. Focusing 100% of the effective dose at the right place and at the right time can trigger the patient’s immune system to eliminate any remaining cancer cells – both local and distal – and thereby prevent recurrence. SURGE is translating this innovative approach to patients, seeking to reimagine cancer surgery and transform the standard of care.

We need to give 100%. And we do.

We make every decision as though it were for our own family members. We understand that some of our loved ones will be cancer patients someday, just like yours. This isn’t just a job – this is personal.